Friday, 9 April 2010

What a Easter!

I'm lying in bed on Sophs laptop, in bed is where I've been since Tuesday night when I came home from casualty! Very long story but beginning to feel a bit better now. I haven't got any scrapping done and didn't even get any where for photos and new scrap pages. Hopefully back to work middle of next week and then the craft fair in Kings Hall on Thursday, I'll just have to take it easy.

Sophs did a test for Pony Club on Tuesday morning and she passed it!! Congrats Sophs. She went horse riding and to pony club last night and the police dogs came and showed all the pony clubbers how they worked, 2 german shepherds (general working dogs) and a black lab (sniffer dog). She really enjoyed it. She couldn't believe what the dogs could do, that says alot for our Holly!

Hopefully I'll be blogging some layouts soon!

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SueB said...

Hope you feel better to start scrapping again soon :)
Congrats to Sophie too!
Suzie xxxxx :)