Thursday, 29 April 2010

Don't Look Mum!

I made this mini book for my mum. It's made out of toilet rolls! I used my big shot to flatten the rolls and then covered them in Basic Grey 'Mellow' and then punched holes with my big bite and put eyelets in them to keep the rolls flat. I tied ribbon on the book rings after putting them on book. I then cut out six tags for inside the rolls and then decorated the front. Mum can then put whatever she wants in it. I really enjoyed making this as it was easy and not too strenuous as I'm still off sick and will be for another few weeks.

Hopefully I will post again soon x


scrappingmabel said...

Love it Sam!!
What a great idea to do with all my loo rolls!!
Loo paper is so much cheaper than scrapping stash lol see you soon Sandra X

scrappingmabel said...

try this blog its all about pro markers
Catch up with you later on the scrap beach later this evening go on about 7.00pm thats a good time to catch some people Sandra x