Monday, 28 December 2009


We got up earlyish on Sunday and started getting the room ready for building the furniture. About 8.00pm we had finished and most of my stash was sorted and in! We got the computer up this morning and Gary put a shelf up for my flowers. I'm really chuffed with the way it turned out. Thanks Hub!!
The units are from Ikea and they hold all my albums, finished and not yet started! The red drawers underneath the table are from Ikea too, I just had to have them as they are red.

With putting two of the expedit desks together, I have lots of room to scrap and also for the computer.

This is a picture I did a couple of years ago. I got it at the Craft fair in the Kings Hall. It's all very small plastic squares.

I got this clock, Kaisercraft, so I sat down last night and it's the first thing I have made in my scrap room.

This used to be a built in wardrobe but Gary knocked it down and it made a inshot for more storage and of course my shelf for my flowers.

Thanks Gary, I love my new scrap room (wonder how long it will stay tidy!)

Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow is Falling

Sophs had great fun out in the snow yesterday, she made a snow baby! Then had a snowball fight with friends from next door. She wasn't quite so pleased when Daddy took the jeep and she couldn't get to school!! But it was only a half day as it was the last day before the hols. I was going to do some Christmas grocery shop this morning but I had to put it off til tomorrow.
We worked on my craft room over the weekend,the floor and ceiling is done and Gary did the door surround and the skirting yesterday so just to get it papered on Tuesday night, let it dry out over Christmas and build some furniture and move all my stash in next weekend! I still have to get a chair so if the snow goes away we'll head over to Ikea tomorrow after the shopping.
Happy Christmas to all
Sam x