Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Snowing Again!

We have had so much snow his year and it is coming down again, so much that Carnmoney Hill disappeared for a while! Holly is really enjoying the snow but I'm not enjoying the mess that she brings in every time she has been out, she runs about mad in the snow, mucked up to her ears!
I got a couple more cartridges for my cricut yesterday, Lyrical Letters and Base Camp and then today the postie came delivered the Hannah Montana cartridge I bought from e-bay. I bought it for the fonts and Sophie likes the flying horse on it too. So I am hopefully going to play this afternoon. Will post my layouts when I complete them.
Bye for now x

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Krafty Kate said...

Hi Sam, Hope you are feeling a bit better and can play with your new cartridges. Love Mum xxx