Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blogging Again!

I'm off work today for St Patricks Day so I thought I would upload all my recent layouts and then scrapbook some more!

Sophs and Holly just love each other and this is the way I found them, I think Holly was trying to hide.
Holly looks so small now in this photo. The journalling says:
There is a puddle on the floor
Tis plain for all to see
Now is that puddle H20
Or is it K9P?

This is Glenone waterfall

We went up to see Joey last year as he is now retired and he wouldn't come over to Sophs, as it was muddy!

Here's some of Sophs horse riding before the dark evenings came in.

This one was on Holiday in Galway last year.

Pippa is off lame at the minute so Sophs is riding other horses but she can't wait for Pippa to be better.
Well I'm goning to enjoy my day off and get stuck in to some scrapping. Will hopefully upload them later

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Imaginary Night said...

love the GSD layouts! how cute, but love the K9P verse! brilliant!