Monday, 6 September 2010

Back into the school routine

Sophs is back at school full time now, settled in and loving it. She got lost a couple of times on Friday but there was always one of the older ones to help which is nice. Shes getting used to having a timetable and all the different teachers and so far likes all of them, she still has a few to meet. I'm just glad she is enjoying school, long may it last.

I'm on the mend now and hope to get back to work at end of Sept or beg of Oct. Have to see Gp soon and see what she says.

You should have seen the spider we had in the living room this morning, I've never seen one so big, it was the size of a mouse. Gary was already at work and I wasn't touching it. Sophs could hardly eat her breakfast for watching it. Dad came over and by that time it was behind a frame and dad lifted the frame off the wall and it was on the frame and he got me to open the front door and he threw it out, even he said it was a big one! I'm just glad I can go back into my living room again! I really don't like spiders especially mouse sized ones!

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Krafty Kate said...

Dads come in very handy sometimes. Except we got a spider today, I think he decided to keep yours as a pet. Love Mum xxx