Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tuckaway Station is now Tucked Away!

I'm really pleased with it. I sorted out all my cardstock into colours and got it all stored, it's amazing how much it holds. It just wheels underneath my desk so I now have more room to scrap. Gary just has to put up my rails (from Ikea) for my punches.
I got these wodden drawers from Ikea to but a good while ago. I'd also bought red stain for them and I eventually finished them.


scrappingmabel said...

wow wow!!!I want one!!!
Love it and it holds so much cardstock.Love the red drawers they turned out great!!See you to-morrow Sandra X

Krafty Kate said...

Hi Love, I thought I had left you a comment about your Tuckaway Station. I think it is brill. Love Mum xxx