Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Was looking at photos today

I have been a healthy eating diet since Sept and I thought I would look out some photos from before that to see the difference, even Sophie said there was a 'huge' difference. Well here are the before and now photos (I'm still planning to lose more). Can you guess how many stone I've lost?


SueB said...

OMG!!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!!
How did you do it? You must be so proud of yourself, well done!!!
I know how hard it is to loose weight and really need to do the same myself, do you mind me asking what diet you did?
You look really lovely and I bet you feel fantastic!!!

Suzie xxxx :)

SueB said...

Hi Sam!

Thanks for you comment too, I saw your reply, and am absolutely amazed that you managed to do this all by yourself and with so much will power, I think you're fantastic!!!

You've really motivated me to do something. I'm so fed up with feeling big all the time and things feeling uncomfortable too, I really want to take a leaf out of your book and just go for it.
I wish I had a dog, what a great excuse to get moving!

Well done again, it has really paid off, to loose that much weight is just brilliant. Don't go too mad though, you look great!
If you've any tips please pass them on :)

Suzie xxxxx :)

Krafty Kate said...

Hi Love, the difference is fab. You have done sooo well. Love Mum xxx

Krafty Kate said...

Hi again. I know how much you have lost. But I will not tell, but I am open to bribes !!!!!!. You look a million dollars. Love Mum xxx

Cathy said...

wow wow and wow girl you need to share your seceret you look fab xx