Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New Mag

We went into Belfast this morning as I had heard of Scrapbook Trends being sold in WHSmiths! I got the last copy of it. It's an English version of the American one. It seems really good and it's only £5.99. I knew there was a card making one so I phoned mum and of course my battery went dead on my phone but she managed to say she wanted one and my friend Sandra had wanted a scrapbooking one so Easons had them too. I really like these mags, not many advertisements just lots of layouts and ideas. So next one is out on 29 May so that will be another visit into Belfast!!

Sophs is busy reading her new book that she got in WHSmiths - Miley Cyrus's Biography, she has hardly spoke since we came home!

I'm away to read my new mag X

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♥ Marlou ♥ said...

hi Sam, oh fabulous that you can get that magazine here now, I must watch out for it. Delighted stampin up party was a success!! and glad you got to Mandys sale, though its a pity she is closing, going to miss that shop so much :) ♥