Sunday, 4 January 2009

Oxford Island

We went to Oxford Island today for a walk. It was pretty cold but we had a great time spotting all the birds and squirrels! Ended up taking quite a few photos and here are a couple Also on New Years Eve Gary was outside and heard alot of birds. He called me and there was at least 100 birds on our trees out the back. They were birds we hadn't seen before so Gary got the camera and I phoned mum and dad. Dad came straight over with his camera and long lens. They were taking photos and Dad thought they were lapwings. I looked out the front and there was two people on the other side of the road with binoculars and a telescope. Gary went over to them and said they could come up round the back. They explained that the birds were wax wings and they came from Scandinavia, they hadn't been over for a couple of years and never in such a big flock. They come for the berries when its too cold where they normally live. We got a few photos, heres one:

The wax wings didn't came back on New Years Day but have been eating the berries every day since, that many berries left now!

Well, I didn't get any scrapping done over the holidays and I'm back to work tommorrow! It was really great having the two weeks off especially as Sophs was off for two weeks and Gary was off for most of it.

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Marlou said...

happy new year Sam, love your pictures especially the robin, hope you had a lovely Christmas xx